My Thanksgiving Outfit...

I know it's a bit overdue since thanksgiving was over a week ago now. But I still wanted to share my thanksgiving outfit details with you since some people were asking! Yes, I was in Cabo with my bae and his fam for thanksgiving so it was different but just as fun and lovely.

His mom, sister and soon to be sister in law all said in one way or another that they kinda wanted to dress up for the feast. So I was pleased since I love a good excuse to dress up.

Right before my trip I found this adorable, sexy but classy skirt at Parque here in Las Vegas. It is a very cute, girly, yet chic boutique. I found them on instagram a while back and finally had the chance to swing by. There were so many things I liked but they had sold out of my size and, let's be real, I'm on a budget. Lol.

So I scored this skirt.

It's a red- copper satin skirt with a cute tie in the front, it's a permanent tie it's just how it comes, and it zips in the back.

Unfortunately, they don't have this one online either. They are a small local business here in Vegas so they're still up on coming. Go check out their website and give them some love by buying some of there products. You won't be disappointed.

Also, some of the brands they sell at Parque are sold at Nordstrom, so you know it's good stuff!

I love this color because it compliments my hair more than most things. So I had to have it and it's comfy af. Just make sure you don't have hangnails or anything because that will snag it. (I had a close call).

I paired this skirt with a cute and easy bodysuit (they only have it in green now but it's on sale!!!) from H&M. It's long sleeve but had a very low scoop back and it's also almost off the shoulder but not quite, and I dig it. Here's the link to H&M's other bodysuits!

David's sister was going to wear heels so I thought why not right?! I would wear heels and sweatpants if that was acceptable because I love heels with everything from fancy to pajamas. Naturally I wore my Fendi heels from Nordstrom.

The outfit was perfect.

Now about Gina's, outfit. She got her shirt at Free People, and we all love Free people right!! I'll tag them here even though they no longer have the shirt she wore, but they still have adorable things. The shorts though, are harder to find. She got those at Nordstrom Rack, however they don't have her shorts anymore either so I tagged the page with all the white shorts because they do have a few similar items! But, about her shoesssss! I loved the shoes she was wearing. She got them at a store called Malìparmi. I've never heard of this store before but there stuff is SO CUTE. I recommend shopping there because Gina's heels were adorable and she said they're really comfortable too!


I forgot my pasties at home and since my body suit is cotton I needed some sort of nipple cover and Wanda showed me the best hack ever. Take your swim suit top inserts, the ones that are a triangle almost and they keep you from nippin' in the cold, and some double sided tape and stick them to the inside of the shirt or dress and bam, you are set. No need for one time use pasties.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and continues to have a wonderful holiday season. I know I will ♥️