The Red is Back!


I am in love with this hair. I wish this was how my hair looked every single day.

This copper color is my absolute favorite, which is why as you may notice, I dye it this color quite often.

So with this post I want to tell you guys about a few hair products that I ADORE.

1. Paul Mitchell Color Craft.

This shit is nothing less than amazing you guys. For anyone who dies their hair I say it's a must have. It it's a conditioner that the stylists put dye in and when you wash your hair you condition with this. Now because it has actual dye in it you do not need to do it every time you wash your hair. Only like once maybe twice a week. If you have red or pink or a vibrant color that fades pretty quick, I'd say you can use the color craft more often as your hair starts to fade.

(I can't add a link for this one because you have to have a stylist prepare it for you, so just ask your stylist about it!)

2. Awapuhi Styling Treatment Oil

This stuff is new for me, and I dig it. I am not a big consumer of hair products honestly. With my curly hair I like to keep it natural and not put much in it. However, this stuff is great if you have dry hair like I do. In Vegas in the winter it gets super dry out and our water honestly sucks because they put so much softener in it that it's drying for your hair and skin, but I found this treatment oil.

I feel like this awapuhi oil helps hydrate my hair and makes the curls better. It also adds a nice shine to it also so it looks particularly healthy! When you use it, only use a small little bit. Less than a penny size and rub it on your hands then in your hair when it's wet. I would avoid putting it too close to your scalp though!

When I got my hair done the other day at the salon, Jen used the awapuhi treatment oil on my hair before she blow dried it and it added some serious shine and softness.

Anyrate, if you dye your hair often I'd say try and have it dyed by a Paul Mitchell salon and then have them send you home with some color craft. Then, if you have hair I suggest you get the awapuhi stuff. It's great.