Gucci Gucci Gucci


I got some sweet ass Gucci glasses you guys.

So I got a pair of gold Gucci aviators from Nordstrom about 4 moths ago and they KEPT breaking. I didn't drop them, I didn't sit on them, they went straight from my face to the case and the case to my face so I was like what the hell?

So after fixing them 4 times I said screw it and exchanged them for these babies instead. These are much better. The color is better, the weight and sturdiness is better and I dig them. However, I've been wearing them non stop for about a week now and it seems as though they may be getting loose like the other Gucci's. I hope it's not the case because I love how they look and feel.

If they do end up coming unscrewed for no reason I will update you all about it so you know to buy the aviators at your own risk. But for now, we're ok.

Anyeate, let me tell you the detailing on this pair is amazing. They are gun metal silver and gorgeous but the detailing on the side and end pieces is lovely. So the hinge on the side has a small detail with the Gucci symbol and then each earpiece is a different color. One is green and one is red, Gucci colors, and they both have a little silver bee engraved. I love when designers do little extra details like that because it elevates the product so much from such small details.

Go get some Gucci sunglasses for yourself. My boyfriend has a men's pair that has been flawless for him, so ladies and gents go get some Gucci sunnies if you live in a place where sunglasses are just as important as shoes.