New Chapter...

Happy Friday Friends! 4 years ago I was about to graduate high school. 4 years ago Washington was about to have the biggest fire in state history in my home town. 4 years ago I moved to New York City and changed my life.

In 4 weeks I’m moving to Cabo. In 4 weeks my boyfriend and I are closing the distance gap and moving in together. In 4 weeks I’ll be doing my new amazing job there every day. (I already started but it’s not the same till I’m there). In 4 weeks a whole new chapter of my life is about to start and I couldn’t be more excited.

My new job is unbelievably exciting for me! For those of you who don’t know yet, I am and will be working for a destination wedding planning company in Cabo called Vivid Occasions. I am already doing the social media for them and you guessed it, the blog! I'm the Social Media Manager!!! So go check us out at our website, instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! Lol

As exciting as all these new adventures seem to be, things have been extremely stressful this past month. With car issues back in Vegas, 3 jobs, a move - to another country, and trying to find a car in Cabo it’s honestly been SUPER hard to not rip my hair out.

That all being said, waking up in my apartment, which still needs to be deep cleaned and decorated, I can't help but smile and feel a sense of home and accomplishment. Sitting down on my couch and doing my Vivid Occasions work I feel at peace.

I feel like it's a step in a direction I'm meant to take. It's a step towards a career. It's a step towards making an amazing long distance relationship even better.

Writing this on the plane ride home from this last trip visiting him, I'm actually excited to go home. I have so much to do in this next month, but then I'm there. For real! Then I can fully dive into my new job with my wonderful new co workers and I can make our apartment a home! Plus, I’ll get to actually see David every day and not just his pixely face on FaceTime.

I've always said I would live in a foreign country and (try to) learn another language, so here is to the beginning of that dream. 🥂