Coffee LAB Hangout...


For those of you don't know, I am officially living in Cabo San Lucas now!I've been here for almost two weeks now and I have found some COOL places.

I've seen two super rad hotels that are perfect for bloggers and I found a coffee shop that's also perfect for bloggers (or for anyone who likes coffee...)! It makes me feel like I'm back in New York!

This coffee shop is called Coffee Lab and it has a very urban, minimalist, modern and creative feel to it which I love. I went with my friend Gina and we had the pleasure of meeting and being shown around by the owner, Gerardo. He was so nice and passionate about his business, which wasn't just the coffee shop! He originally opened an architecture firm, called Rima Design Group, which he still runs and the coffee shop became the extra fun thing up front. Then, as he started growing and having lectures with the architect firm, he opened an art gallery on the side. Which is located right next to Rima and Coffee Lab. The art gallery has exhibitions from local and non- local Mexican artists that I believe he got to know through the architecture firm. (I could be wrong on that part).

Let me tell you, it's so rad. They switch out the artists every two months or so, but there are two pieces still left on the walls from a previous artist and these are pieces that are there to stay. It's a place to check out!