Dress To Impress Yourself ~ Blogging with a Purpose...

Hi friends, I'm about to get into it. Blogging has been a fun hobby for me over the last couple years now, even though I fell off the wagon there for a little while. This blog all started because I knew another girl who was blogging and whom told me all about it. I thought to myself, "how easy! I work at Nordstrom so I'm always dressing nice and buying new clothes, I have an eye for art so photography shouldn't be too hard, what an easy way to make money!"

But that hasn't been the case. I wish it had. I wish I had the secret to making a blog take off without totally breaking the bank.

For me, I was blogging every day almost for a few months. While working a full time job at Nordstrom, and it was great. My blog was taking off. I was getting interest from brands that gave me a discount or sent me product.

But, something changed. I fell in love and stopped shopping. Instead of shopping, I was spending all my money to come to Mexico once a month.

Now I live in Mexico and I don't have a ton of extra money to be shopping to blog, but you know I want to. I want to get back into blogging and this time hit it hard and in the ways I can without breaking the bank. I want to make money doing it, but above all else have FUN. Blogging is an outlet for talking about clothes and taking photos in the clothes you like etc and for me that is a TON OF FUN!


That's my goal.

As girls there's tons of stuff to worry about and tons of stuff to make you feel bad about yourself, like the age old fight with body issues and instagram doesn't really help that. But I think women need a place to enjoy the girlier things in life without feeling like crap and for me that's blogging about my style.

Personally, getting new clothes, a bag, shoes or sweet new sunglasses, makes me feel good. I KNOW that sounds extremely superficial, but it's not. It's purely a look good,feel good kind of thing. Feeling good can come from a lot of things yes, like hanging with friends and practicing yoga, but for a lot of young women including myself, style and fashion can create some happiness.

I want to blog with a purpose. That purpose being to talk about the clothes I love whether they're old, new, used, designer, or from a thrift shop. Us millennials get so obsessed with looking good and wearing designer items when we can hardly pay rent and we're eating tacos 24/7. Well  I think it's BULLSHIT. Because most of us are FAKING IT! From buying nock off's, discounted or second hand designer items mixed in with our everyday Zara & H&M clothes in front of our neighbors house pretending to laugh, it's mostly a 'fake-it-till-you-make-it" situation. I mean, yes there are times I do go to brunch or I am on a yacht having a fantastic time. But, some days I get all dressed up to sit on the couch and work on instagram until I can take one cute photo in my outfit to post.

And I know I am not the only blogger who does this. No way.

So why not embrace the fact that we're just trying to make it in this world while looking cute as fuck even though we might be broke and a little lazy.

Let's talk about where we get our clothes, why we like the cheap little things we got and the way-too-expensive things we buy too. I want to blog about all my good stuff and what fun things or sort of boring things I'm doing and boy do I have some exciting things coming up mid August for ya! { I'll save that for another blog post though ;) }

Anyways, this blog is something I really love doing because the whole Instagram scene usually makes me feel excited and a bit inspired.

So in light of this post and the topic I have the perfect outfit for it!


I love what this shirt says:

"Dress to impress myself"

How accurate. I mean yea I dress to be cute in my own opinion and that's what dictates my style and what I wear, and other people liking my style and my photos is just a byproduct!

It's a comfy tee and it can be worn with a lot of things! It's from Zara and it's cheap! (They don't have anymore, but here's a link to all their cool t-shirts).

My jeans are Hudson jeans, but don't think I spent a lot, I got them at Marshall's

My belt is super old; I'm not even sure where I got it, so here's one similar.

And finally my shoes. I WILL be doing a separate blog post all about these puppies, but they're Stuart Weitzman. I am in LOVE. Just FYI, I didn't pay full price for these either. I got them brand new off Poshmark for 100$. I'll give more detail about this app later. It's amazing.

I can't forget, my Cult Gaia bag of course.

To end this long blog post, dress to impress yourself ladies and gents.