Black Jeans & Suede Shoes...

I love denim in any color & I love suede whether its faux or real.  

I have a handful of black jeans, blue jeans & even pink jeans. From skirts to jackets, denim is pretty sweet and acceptable when living on the beach! I also have multiple pairs of suede shoes in all different styles.

That being said, I love this outfit.

All summer I’ve been obsessed with this white tank top I was given. It’s just old enough that the denim is super soft! Everything I’ve found online that is similar, is sold out :( I’ll update you if I can find it anytime soon.

Now these jeans, they’re new, and hard to find online because I got them I Poland! 

It’s hot here in Cabo, but it’s cool enough for jeans sometimes and I will always take advantage of those days!   

Plus, if you know me, I  LOVE heels. I found these cheap, fall yellow, suede heels at forever21 and I want to wear them everyday. They’re perfect for Cabo, perfect for the season & surprisingly comfy. 

I really like simple outfits with jeans and a kick ass pair of heels, so naturally this outfit is great. They can be casual-ish like mine here or you can dress them up for a night out! 

Easy & Stylish.

Big Star: Black Jeans (I cannot find the right ones, but Nordstrom Rack carries this brand - and Big Star is owned by AG so you know they’re nice jeans)

Forever21: Mustard Yellow Heels & In Black (PLUS THEY’RE ON SALE! Whoop whoop!)