Swim Suits...

I am obsessed with these new swim suits I bought last week. As many of you know, I don't love Forever 21, but they had a great swimsuit sale.

What you probably don't know is that I really dislike spending money on swimsuits! To me swimsuits, no matter how nice, are a small piece of fabric that should not be pricy! Chlorine, the ocean, and sitting poolside just destroy the suits. They say it's easy to protect your suits from the sun and chlorine, but I call bullshit.

I don't want to spend extra money on a swimsuit soap or have to hand wash that shit. No.

I like cheap swimsuits. I don't see a difference in quality from a Forever 21 swimsuit to a swimsuit I bought at Nordstrom. But the price difference is stupid.

Also, who wants to spend 100+ on one swimsuit? I mean do you only want to wear one or two swimsuits all summer? Not me. I want to have a ton of different swimsuits for each summer. Thus another reason to like cheap ones.

If you have a Forever 21 near you, I say go check it out. Sale or not, they're going to have some cuuuute and very trendy swimsuits right now. Hopefully they're on sale at your local forever21.

These are the ones I got. A little trendy, but a lot cute. Unfortunately all the ones I liked were all mismatched so I had to make do and I think I mixed and matched some cute pieces. I really like that I got 2 tops and 2 bottoms but I got three swimsuits total since I can mix and match a bit.

Also, I cannot find my yellow bottoms online to tag them, but I did find all the rest!


 Floral Bikini Top - They're sold out of the matching bottoms :( and my yellow bottoms that I love.


Pink Palm Tree Swimsuit Top & Bottoms (not shown)

Ps. I didn't like how the pink palm tree bottoms fit me, but you might so I added the link.

Polka Dot Bottoms - I would have gotten the top but they didn't have it in store.