Always loving these pointed shoes. They’re ancient, they don’t sell them anymore though. And  boy do I need new ones, but they’re bad ass and I will be buying a replacement pair. Here are some similar ones: click here, here and here (these are a bit different but I think super cool) 

Also, I love denim skirts but this one is perfect for summer/fall. It’s striped and it buttons up the front. This one I also can’t find online but it was from Angel. I’d you're in the states I highly recommend this store.  

My tank top was given to me but I really dig these lacy, super feminine tanks. Here is something very similar and super pretty  

These types of feminine tanks with denim skirts or jeans are some of the easiest ways to style them but they’re a very clean simple look. It’s easy to dress these up or down with shoes & jewelry! 

Also my jewelry is old or kind of random. One of my necklaces was made by a friend, the other from urban and my earrings are from uncommon goods forever ago. 

Finally, my backpack! I got a used couple seasons back, Louis Vuitton bag for cheap and I am in love with it! I’ll tag a similar one here (basically the same, but mine is black). 

I’m dying for fall and I cannot wait for my trip. I am flying out today and the place I’m going is going to feel a lot like fall. Stay tuned for the adventure.