Cupshe & Pizza

I am so excited that I am partnering with Cupshe to shoot some swimsuits. Clearly, my life is pretty beachin’ so I definitely needed some new swimsuits. That being said, I was stoked to receive 3 suits from Cupshe and I dig them all!

I was thinking of writing just one post about each of the swimsuits but decided to do one for each, to keep them short and sweet.

So, for starters, this burnt orange ruffled swimsuit. I think this one is probably my favorite. This color is one of my favorite colors since it goes with my hair, so thats one draw. Second, it’s cute without being too sexy. I typically like the really skimpy swimsuits because I want to get tan everywhere, but often times I am around a couple little kids & family so the skimpy ones are a bit too much. This Cupshe one shows just enough booty to not feel like a grandma, but also covers enough so you don’t show too much around the children and I am obsessed.

I wore it again today out by the pool while I was tanning and it was super comfortable and easy to swim in. One of my pet peeves with swimsuits is when they get loose in the water and this one did not. It was just right!

Cupshe bikini

if you decide to buy a suit from Cupshe, check out my burnt orange one here and just read the details in the description when choosing your size. My orange one is true to size but a different one I purchased was not so I ordered a size up after reading the details. For your reference on this orange one, I’m 5’10” and 150 lbs. I’m always either a small or medium, but in this one I got a small and love it.



Cupshe & Pizza
Cupshe orange ruffle bikini
Burnt orange swimsuit