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Victoria Emerson Leather Wrap & Beaded Bracelets

Recently I was told I was becoming quite the accessory queen with all my jewelry, hats, and bags so thanks to Victoria Emerson, I now have some killer bracelets to add to my collection! 

I am a HUGE leather fan and always love some jewelry that brings out the beach vibe in my looks & Victoria Emerson did the job!  With their big boho cuffs I am getting some leather, different kinds of beads, seashells and animal hair. (Don’t worry they also have vegan options!) 

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I have been working hard with my blog trying to refine my brand and my summer style because that is not what I’m used to, like I’ve said time and time again. That being said, I am so excited to be partnering with MINKPINK because their summer style is exactly what I have been craving! They have been a brand I have loved for years, so all the more reason to be happy.

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