Trendy Panama Hat...

When you think of what’s trendy in fashion right now, one of the things that comes to mind are Panama hats! 

These hats are what all the top bloggers are wearing right now, and you know why? Because they’re cute as hell. These hats can be worn all year round depending on the material and they’re a super fun addition to tons of outfits.

For example, the most popular and most common ones you’ll see people wearing on Instagram are the Lack of Colors hats. (I’m dying to get one of these still). 

These are the ones that are taking over the blogger world and they are wool. Now for me and any of you babes living in Hawaii or anywhere else that’s still pretty warm this time of the year, the wool hats are just too hot. 

I love wool and I love these hats, but it would be way too hot to wear them for more than just a photo unfortunately. 

That being said, I’ve been on the search for a good Panama style hat that isn’t wool. 

I found this DREAM of a hat that I want more than anything but it is a bit on the luxury pricing side of things. It’s from Kin The Label and I am in love with this one, maybe one day I’ll get it! ;)

Then I found this bad boy from a local spot in Cabo called Eclectic Array. This hat is a straw like material that is lightweight and in turn, not hot. It’s not floppy but it’s not stiff either, which makes it is nice and packable!

Anyrate, I am really into this hat trend lately and I hope it’s here to stay. Since I don’t really ‘do’ my hair, a hat is the perfect way to change it up for me.

I hope these options help you guys find a good fit!